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 Tutorial: How to change your PS3 from CEX-->DEX in 10 minutes

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PostSubject: Tutorial: How to change your PS3 from CEX-->DEX in 10 minutes   Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:48 pm

Here a quick tutorial to change your ps3 from cex to dex to play those new games that requires fw4.11+.

Important: if
you don't know what you're doing & you not tech savvy please stop !
i'm not responsable if you brick your ps3 because you don't understand
what is written here !

What can a DEX console do?


play every game you already can on a CEX console with 3.55 cfw
run MOST homebrew you can on CEX 3.55 cfw (all the important ones
work..a small handful may not. they will all run if devs repair them)
use basic internet functions, ie: game updates, web browser, showtime add-ons, FTP, SMB, DLNA, etc.
play psn games WITH AN EDAT requiring firmware 3.60+ (react does not work on 3.60+ so activate the edat on 3.55, then update)
play backups of disk games 3.60+ from bd emu usb hdd if the game has an official update pkg
play every single retail game from disk on updated firmware, no questions asked. works native, no game update needed!!
upgrade to 4.21 dex ofw
downgrade back to 3.55 dex cfw without hardware!!!
switch back to cex any time you like (still a little risky)

play movies from blu ray disk (you can download them and use showtime, though)
use psn

You do not need to:
format the HDD
install linux
back up any system data
find your root key manually

Ok, so we'll start with downloading all the stuff you will need:

**everything you need is in one package
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

For the purposes of this guide, any mention of a .norbin file extension
assumes the console is nor (slim)! if you have a nand console (phat),
you will follow the same steps but title your files with a .nandbin
extension instead of .norbin


Start with a freshly formatted fat32 USB flash drive and kmeaw 3.55 or rebug 3.55.2 cfw...just to be safe.

copy both pkg files from the download to your usb and install them FROM
THE RIGHT-MOST USB PORT. If your multiman version is newer than
04.04.04, you don't have to install the version included.

step 1. Run the newly installed multiman
(v04.04.04 base) and navigate to mmOS (start + select). open the file
browser, and click O on any file, then select open with hex editor.
Press select to open LV2 view, then press start to dump. You will be
asked 3 questions...dump LV1? select no. Dump LV2? select no. Dump
flash? select YES. Do it 4 times. You will be left with 4 .norbin files
on your usb drive.

This next step is the most important, so BE CAREFUL!!

step 2. Open hex workshop (it's a trial, but
that's not important) and press ctrl+k. now select the first two .norbin
files and press ok. Scroll all the way down and make sure EVERYTHING on
both files is green. If there is any yellow it means something did not
dump correctly, and you have to start again. delete ALL dumps and do it
again 4 more times. If everything is green, press ctrl+k, select the
third .norbin in the bottom field, and compare them...then do the
fourth. If everything is green in all 4 dumps, move on. if you find ONE
difference...even one, delete all dumps and start again. When you've
verified your dumps are good, copy one to your computer, and rename the
.norbin extension to .bin....then copy the 4 original .norbin flash
dumps to a safe location for storage, in case of emergency.

step 3. Ok, so you have 4 good
dumps...super!!! now you need to run eEID_rk_dumper.pkg. Put your usb
drive back in the right-most usb slot and run it. It may look like your
console froze at a black screen...wait it out. it'll reboot when it's
done. When it reboots, open mmOS (select + start in multiman) and
navigate to /hdd0/tmp...find the file eid_root_key.....copy it to your

step 4. back at your PC, copy the eEIDO key
you just got to your computer for safe-keeping, and make another copy to
work with for now. The copy you're working with needs to be titled
dump....no extension, just dump.

step 5. open the cex2dex app. insert your
flash dump that you titled to have a .bin extension in the top field.
insert the file titled dump in the bottom. now click cex2dex....it'll
ask you to title your newly created dex flash...name it 355DEX.EID0.BIN.
It will automatically save as a .bin.....change that to .norbin and
copy the file to your usb drive. The final title should read
355DEX.EID0.NORBIN for nor consoles and 355DEX.EID0.NANDBIN for nand
consoles (that's a zero in EID0, not the letter O)

step 6. plug your usb drive into the
right-most slot again, and run mmOS one more time....navigate to the
.norbin dex flash, double-click it, select yes for all warnings, and it
will flash.

step 7. once it has flashed your console will boot to XMB. shut it down and boot to recovery....DO NOT BOOT TO XMB AGAIN!!!! YOU COULD BRICK IF YOU DO!!

step 8. once in recovery, install rogero's dex firmware.

the console will reboot, and you're done. if at this point you'd like to
use another firmware, you may do so. I do not recommend installing any
firmware other than Rogero's initially, though. It has anti-bricking
measures that no other dex firmware does.
With Roger fw you can play 3.55 just like CEX do but to play new games update to 411-4.21 and use BDEMU.

Congratulations!! You're done....enjoy your dex console...

you also might need this to downgrade if you want to play 3.55 games install it then install Rogiro 3.55dex
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

credit goes to Lightyear for creating this nice tut !

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Tutorial: How to change your PS3 from CEX-->DEX in 10 minutes
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